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The wind of a true heart does often care

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The wind of a true heart does often care
about the music flowing trough the grim-
faced sensations growing t’wards the rim
and faithful longs for those who try and dare.

Take care, my brother, ‘cause you may not see
what too much love can nurture and entwine,
a blindness that you never saw the same,
you may as well get lost of you, prithee

be careful when you give your inner core.
For one is your heart, and once you lost your hoard
a lute you will become, with want for chord,
a single time you’ll sound and then no more.

As precious as it looks, what you’ll have got
I pray you, don’t forget what you’ll have lost.


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Selflessness is a muted destruction
That thrives in my crackling chest
When you push me away from your crying arms

Harboring a mansion of guilt
With beds unmade
And rooms unclean
The disarrays of your past
Pleading for restoration
And renewal

Come to me
When the falling skies are big and red
Bleeding the pains of life
Hear the melodies of my regard
And love for you

Take it all out on me
It’s alright
Leave a thousand marks if you have to
Take me under
Push me down
Because I’ll push you harder
Only to fall right on top of you
Anything to kiss the silk lining of your lips
And every single piece of worth that you are

2014 Vincent Cuccolo

~Take Your Leave~

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Plunge through the memories
With eyes sewn shut
The bitter slumber takes it hold
As your name
Mouths itself
At the back of my mind
Silent subconscious screams
This bed has become a cliff
I cannot escape
On the aerie of your nightmare
As I’m picked bit by bit
Slowly but surely
Placating your crave
Love always leaves a mark
Yours the deepest of all
Made sure of that
As your fingernails dance inside my skin
Splitting these ears in two
I can’t
I won’t
Go back to this
Even if the ground pulls
From under my slipping feet
Hush now
Not another sound
The crow’s nest of your words
Harvesting nothing but death
As your lies
And everything you stand for
Cascade down your mouth
In a molten drip
This is it
The door’s blown open
The winds of my defiance ready
Reminding you
To take your leave
And wipe your face clean from my heart
2014 Vincent Cuccolo

~Minuscule Remains~

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Cede the nescience you hold

Favoring me through a black crystal ball

A grin as wide as an ocean crevice

Casted down by the shortest stick

Bitterly tasting its end

Linked is this heart

Loop and chain

That I wear so proudly

Ready to pass the torch

Of my fiery dedication

And my restless dreams

Edging to the surface

Anxiously in need

I hunger for a chance

A speck of regard

To cease these floodgates of doubt

From succumbing to the pressure

Of tides turned

And frustration seethed

This clawing conscience

Fighting desperately

To stay afloat

On minuscule remains

2014 Vincent Cuccolo

Sonnet #1

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If all you have is missing hope and trust
your eyes just look into the deepest depth
and comfort feels absurd as it does lust
remembering and acknowledgement is left.

For what it’s worth you’re leaving not alone
companions are experience and dismay
but sorrow would not last once you’ll be gone
except for those you leave with your Goodbye.

Beyond the Tower of O’Brien you’ll call
your Fate and face your life the second time
without a chance to make a change you’ll fall
but ere you reach the cliff your loved ones whine.

When every day you’re forced to abide
rely on friendly hearts, they never hide.

~Intermission 911~

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Appreciate everything and everyone in your life, whether big or small, enemy or friend, if it matters or doesn’t matter. Most importantly, hold on to your tomorrow, and cherish it under lock & key.

Sadly though, we as a society tend to pick that same lock…we dance in the deceit of our unkempt promises. Why is it that it always takes tragedy for us to come together? The blooming of a mushroom cloud to unify? And why does it only take the shockwaves of war & suffering to wake us from an ignorant sleep?

When will our cue to change finally surface? When will it be our intermission as a species to truly evolve?

The more I look, the greater the distortion…though this key of mine—my tomorrow—will stay clasped firmly around my neck.

2013 Vincent Cuccolo  

~At What Point~

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At what point do you decide to live?

To kiss away the knife of your mind

As it bleeds into your core

Cleaving your sanity

At what point do you breathe?

To inhale your heartbeat

So as to remind you

There’s air in this world

At what point do you hope?

To cross one star to another, amongst a sea of black

Knowing that what’s dark

Will only help stir the brightest of lights

At what point do you value?

To be indebted to the ground that you were raised

And walk its path

With a rightful stride

At what point do you concede?

To let these words pry their way in

Nestling with you

Rousing your conscience

2013 Vincent Cuccolo 

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